NOTE: Sister Katya Klyzm moved from San Antonio in the Spring of 2021.

Hello. I’m Sister Katya Klyzm. I’m the newest fully professed member of the Abbey of the Alamo. I took my vows as a fully professed Sister on April 18, 2017.

In the process of “coming out”, I met two Sisters when I went to a gay bar for the first time in San Antonio. I was, of course, instantly drawn to their appearance, and as I looked for more info on the Sisters and what they did. Having grown up without ever being around anyone in the LGBT community (or LGBT and out, anyway), I was so inspired by what the Sisters stood for. My desire to be a part of the Sisters started there.

I feel drawn to doing bar ministry as well as fundraising for local organizations. My Novice Project, Apocalyptic, was the first event that I’ve taken the lead in putting on, but I also love helping other people and organizations with their events as well, promoting Unity in the Community.

My favorite aesthetics are hippie, goth, and post-apocalyptic. My colors are typically purple and black. So, if you see me out and about, come say hello. I’m delightfully awkward (or so I’ve been told)…