A Saint is a layperson who’s life and accomplishments are in keeping with the Order’s philosophy and statement of purpose. Saints are not considered members of the Order.

Saint Owlivia

Esmeralda Kane Jaymes is the Abbey of the Alamo’s first Saint.

In recognition for the tireless, hard work done for the community at large and for all of the assistance and help lent to the Sisters since their founding, the San Antonio Sisters of Perpetual Indulgnece elevated Esmeralda Kane Jaymes to “Saint Owlivia”.

We couldn’t think of a better person to lead the ranks of our Saints and we thank you for your work in San Antonio on behalf of the community that you still do, with that smile and style, to this day.


Saint Lando Shakes

Who shakes the house down?

Lando Morales, that’s who.

In recognition for providing the Abbey of the Alamo with excellence in music for our events, bringing them to another level of fun, excitement and joy, the San Antonio Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have named Lando Morales “Saint Lando Shakes”.

Thank you for your service to the community, Lando. Keep the beat alive!


Saint Bearbarella

It doesn’t matter where the Sisters go, or what we are doing, Henry Bikon never seems to be very far away. Whenever there is a last minute need or a planned bit of assistance, he’s right there lending us the power of his smile, charm, and saucy wit.

In recognition of the millions of things he has done (and continues to do)…countless little tasks and errands and large commitments of time that he lends us with a smile… he was named Saint Bearbarella in honor of the Barbarella disco shorts look he sported for Pride 2015.

If you see Saint Bearbarella out and about, give him a big hug. He’s most certainly earned it!


Saint Papa Bear

Robert Edwards, very well known in San Antonio as “Papa Bear”, was posthumously made a Saint of the Abbey of the Alamo in recognition of his life-long, selfless dedication to the San Antonio community and for being a pioneer of in the HIV and AIDS services field.

As the founder of the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, his work and legacy in the San Antonio community is immeasurable. He will be greatly missed.  You can read more about him and his work here.



Saint Gregory, Patron Saint of the TheAYTer

Greg Hinojosa, San Antonio native, was posthumously made a Saint of the Abbey of the Alamo in recognition of his life-long, selfless dedication to both the LGBTQ and theatrical communities in San Antonio. He was well-known in the local theatrical community as an actor, director, and producer. As the artistic director of the Woodlawn Theater, Greg led the Woodlawn Theater through a period of not only a growth in the audiences but, also a growth in their acting school for children. He served on the board of the San Antonio Theater Coalition. Out In SA named Greg one of the “210 to Watch” among the most influential people in the LGBTQ community. Greg was also a key volunteer with SA Pride and a special needs instructor at Howsman elementary school. For over 20 years, Greg and his partner Danial (Eyrica Daniels) led a group of volunteers in the production of “Fiesta Frenzy,” an annual drag show to raise money for various local charities. He was an extremely influential leader in our community who will be missed.

Saint Tears O’Happiness & Saint Tears O’Joy

Melody Bently (Saint Tears O’Happiness) and Beverly Caraballo (Saint Tears O’Joy) are Saints of the Abbey of the Alamo due to their dedication to those in need. As the director and co-director of StandUp for Kids San Antonio, they were often seen in tandem in the community helping the youth in our community. The pairing of their Saint names honors the teamwork they demonstrated in helping the homeless youth in the San Antonio community. Collectively they assisted San Antonio youth in finding a path off the streets for 22 years.