I didn’t come out until I was 25 but have known I was gay since early childhood. Of course I had no idea there was a name associated to what I was feeling all I knew is that I had certain urges toward boys that I didn’t for girls. I was one of the lucky ones, all my friends and the majority of my family had no issues with me being gay. They already knew me for me and not my sexuality.

I saw my first Sister of Perpetual Indulgence in the mid 90’s when I was attending culinary school in San Francisco. It was the stereo typical white faced guy dressed as a nun roller blading around the city. I smiled and thought to myself, only in San Francisco. It wasn’t until last year that I came across the Sisters here in San Antonio and over several gatherings got to know and truly understand what the Sisterhood was about. I had been looking for some way to give back to my community and Sisters invited me tojoin and I’m so glad I did. We have a mission to educate our younger generation about HIV/AIDS, help those who are living with HIV/AIDS and council those who are struggling with their sexuality.