Our 2018 Mister Sister Leather San Antonio competition is now over. We want to thank everyone for their participation and helping us to have a successful weekend. From the bar crawl, to the contest, and closing with our victory dinner, we had an absolute blast interacting with our community.

During our bar crawl on friday night, we got the chance to introduce our two contestants: Daddy B’rrr and Boy Allen. We had a lot of fun marching around the bars, getting to know the contestants, and having a little dance party at one point in Spary’s Pub. You could tell our contestants were ready for the show to get underway. They couldn’t wait for our lovely Cat to give up the sash!

Our thanks to the Sparky’s, the Knockout, the HEAT, Luther’s, and the Annex for being part of our bar crawl and letting us parade around our contestants to put them through their paces.

Saturday night was the big event. We need to thank a few people here:

First, to our our hostesses:

  • Lipps La Rue
  • Lawna jocqui

You two really know how to work a crowd. And apparently aren’t above bribing them with cookies. (Dottie! Get away from her cookies!)

To our judges:

Above: Sister Sasha Cochteze and Sir Steve Below: Mr International Leather Bear Jacques Daniels, Sir Roger, and Mr Texas Leather Rylee Spire

We really appreciate you taking the time and helping MSLSA 2018 be the success it was.

To our tally masters: Pamela Michelle Herrera and Tom Seaman. Thank you for your part in keeping the event moving and helping us determine our winner.

Lastly, a big thanks to SA Country for being the host of MSLSA 2018 and to Knockout for hosting our welcome party. The spacess were great and it gave our contestants and vendors a nice space to interact with the community.

You can review all of the photos, from both nights, over on our photos page…

But we are pleased to announce that our winner of Mister Sister Leather San Antonio 2018 was: Boy Allen! A big congratulations to him and the first runner up, Daddy B’rrr.