I became aware of the Sisters at an event to support a local animal shelter. I spoke with Sister Fonda Topps at the event. I was invited to come to a monthly meeting to learn a bit about this most fabulous group. Before I went I spoke with another Sister asking TONS of questions. Again I was invited to attend a meeting.
In August if 2016 I attended my first meeting. I WAS HOOKED! I signed up right then and there. I found a fit that was good for me.
I have never felt more welcome and included. Thus far I have enjoyed getting to know the history and mission of the Sisters. Even more, I have enjoyed getting to know the other members at the Abbey of the Alamo. I have learned something from each one and hope to learn even more.
I have again found why I love this community. I enjoy going out in my white face and seeing the impact the Sisters have on people. 
I am PROUD to have started on what I hope will be a long time commitment on my part to be a part of this loving, joyful, and supportive organization.