That’s right, ladies and gents (and pups, ponies, and… oh you get the idea!)

We’re gearing up for a bigger and better 2019 with some important changes to Mister Sister Leather San Antonio. We’re opening our event to be fully inclusive. Our only requirements are that you be a legal resident of Texas, over 21 years of age, and that you are competing in your own leather gear.

We believe strongly in inclusion, representation, and the true meaning of community, so we’ve thrown the doors open wide to any that wish to compete and meet those three requirements. Come on out for a fun, irreverent, and exciting series of events with your San Antonio Sisters as we celebrate the work of our MSLSA2018, Boy Allen, and look for who will take up the title of MSLSA2019!

  1. General Information
  2. Weekend Schedule
  3. Places to Stay
  4. Explore San Antonio!
  5. Register now!

General Information:

Mister Sister Leather – San Antonio is a leather contest started by the San Antonio Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. While the title may sound formal, we’re a cheeky bunch that appreciate a little leather and a good time in the name of a good cause. Our contest is more about celebrating our community and the people inside of it than it is about strict leather contest rules or circuits. That said… it IS a title. It can be as fun or serious, or both, as you want!


Weekend Schedule

  • Friday, March 1st: Meet the Candidates
    • 8-9pm:  Meet at the Knockout for a formal meet and greet.
    • 9-11pm: Cruise the strip to introduce the candidates and judges
      • 9-9:30        Luther’s
      • 9:30-10      Knockout
      • 10-10:30    Heat
      • 10:30-11     Sparky’s
      • 11:00-??     Annex
    • There will be a Poker Run going on for the Cruise the Strip portion of the event. Will you get the winning hand?
  • March 2nd: Mister Sister Leather SA 2019 @ SA Country
    • Interviews of contestants during the day
    • Contest will kick off at 7:00 pm
  • March 3rd: Victory brunch @ Knockout
    • 11:30 am : Come enjoy a celebratory brunch and congratulate the 2019 Mister Sister Leather SA winner!


Places to Stay

Stay Tuned! We’ll have more information about hotels close to the action soon!


Explore San Antonio!

Now that you’re here in Military City USA, what else is there to do during the weekend? Plenty. From our well known Riverwalk, to fantastic foodie culture, here are a few of our favorite highlights to check out:

  • Our World Famous Riverwalk
    • The San Antonio River Walk is a city park and network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River, one story beneath the streets of San Antonio, Texas, United States. With plenty of shops and restaurants, it makes for a lovely stroll in a unique setting!
  • House – Boozey Ice Cream!
    • If you find yourself in Southtown, we highly reccomend stopping by House! With regularly rotating flavors of ice cream crafted from well known licqours, you can make an ice cream treat with a kick… or have the more pg rated, booze free version.
  • McNay Museum
    • If you’re looking for a quiet bit of time to reflect on the arts, why not stop by the McNay museum? With a fascinating in house collection (that includes one of Sister Dottie Bair’s favorites of Monet’s “Water Lillies” series!), and exciting traveling exhibitions, there’s always a little bit of something for everyone at the McNay.
  • The Alamo or the Missions
    • You can’t really talk about visiting San Antonio without mentioning the Alamo in some capacity. Perhaps part of your weekend plans could be to stop by this world heritage location and touch on a bit of our history. Similarly, you may find a tour of the mission trail and the missions themselves to be a captivating way to spend an afternoon.
  • Ouch Underwear and Hardcore Leather
    • Hey, you’re here for a leather event, right? Did you forget a harness? Maybe need a new jock strap? Perhaps you just want to peruse some new toys to test out on some willing subjects later this weekend? Well, Ouch has a little bit of something for everyone. Based right on the Strip, stop in and take a look around!

Register now!

Sign up today! Fill out your MSLSA2019 Application Form  and email it back to us at! 

Registrations are due to the San Antonio Sisters no later than midnight on February 10th, 2019, so that we may have time to prepare the judges books and event!