Sister Dottie Bair’s novice project, Just One Night, took place on April 14th, 2018 this year. The goal was simple… get people to sign up for the event like they would a bike ride or a 5k and fundraise, except that rather than running a 5k or riding a bike 100 miles, they would be sleeping in a city park for the night.

And you all responded beautifully. Together, we raised $3,700 for Stand Up For Kids and Thrive Youth Center. These two agencies do critical work in helping homeless youth towards a brighter tomorrow. Sister Dottie, once a homeless LGBT kid himself, wants to say thank you to everyone who supported the event and hopes to see you out for Just One Night 2019!

The San Antonio Sisters (from left: Novice Skharlott, Sister Katya Klyzm, Guard Cel Ahh Butt, Sister Cher Noble, and Sister Dottie Bair) being filmed by Channel 4/Fox 29 for the Just One Night event.

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