Sister Dottie’s Novice Project, “Just One Night” is now open for registrations.

The event is a fundraiser on behalf of Thrive Youth Center and Stand Up For Kids, organizations in San Antonio that are working with homeless youth and trying to create better outcomes for those kids. As a homeless LGBT teen himself many (many many many many many) years ago, Dottie knows perfectly well what kinds of choices kids on the street face, so this cause is near and dear to his heart.

The premise is simple: Go to the website and commit to spending one night (April 14th, 2018) sleeping in a city park (Maverick Park, San Antonio, TX). You can register a team (as an individual or with others) and set a fundraising goal that will provide you with a URL to share on social media to get friends, family, and co-workers to support your goal.

Please hit the website Sister Dottie created to learn more and to see the teams already raising funds for these great organizations.

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